Church Ministries
St. John has several ministries designed to fulfill the needs of all our disciples. Take a look at the list below and if you are interested in participating in a ministry, please use the Contact us page to contact the ministry leader.


  • Children and Youth Ministries
    (GEMS – God’s Excellent Maturing Saints)

    Min Sharice Troupe Minister of Children & Youth
    Sheila Cox Coordinator of Youth Activities
    Jeannie Saffold Nursery Director
    Jordan Seamster President of Youth


  • Children’s Education Ministries
    Pastor Anthony Pilot , General Overseer

    Sunday Church School Doug Johnson, Superintendent
    Baptist Training School
    New Disciples Orientation Pastor & Minister Susan C. Williams
    Vacation Bible School Sheila Cox, Director


  • Deacons Ministry
    Jonathan Wilson Sr, Chairman
    James Cox, Vice-Chairman

    Ivie R. Burch Ernest Brinson
    James Cox Paul Hunt
    Karl Morris, Sr Alonzo Keys, Sr.
    Jonathan Wilson, Sr Michael Farley
    Fred Peterson Sedric Lee
    James Finklea Kenneth Herbert
    Mark White, Sr Allen Kelly
    Stacy Saffold
  • Deaconesses, Deacons & Ministers’ Wives Ministry
    Carla Farley, Chairperson

    Kareta Bowers Jewel Wilson
    Theresa Lee Jeannie Saffold
    Quillar Herbert Emma Brinson
    Shirley Morris Michelle Pilot
    Maggie Houston Lucille Hunt
    Yvette Kelly Luvenia McNair
    Jeannette Peterson Elizabeth Ponds
    Mary Richardson Bobbie Robinson
    Joann Richardson Shurron Finklea
    • Evangelism & Discipleship Ministries
      Pastor D. Richardson, Minister of Evangelism & Discipleship

      This ministry encompasses the following programs:Outreach
      Prayer Intercession
      Transportation – James Cox, Director


    • Family Life Ministries
      Pastor Anthony Pilot, Minister of Family Life

      This ministry encompasses the following programs:CHAMPIONS (Christian Honorable Anointed MEN Positioned in Obedience, Never Straying) – Paul Hunt, Coordinator
      JEWELS (Joyful Energetic WOMEN Exalting our Lord & Savior) – Juliet Cade, Coordinator
      HOPE (Helping Our People Excel) – Tammy Anderson, Coordinator
      MARRIED & COUPLES – Jonathan & Jewel Wilson, Coordinators
      SINGLES – (vacant), Coordinator
      SEASONED SAINTS –                           HEALTH & WELLNESS – Charlotte Barnes, Coordinator
      FINANCIAL FREEDOM – Vicki Gainer, Coordinator


  • Hospitality Ministries
    Ushers Ministry Kevin Matthews, President
    Greeters Ministry Regina Seamster, Director
    Pastor’s Aide Ministry Shirley Golden & Vickie Gainer, Co-Chairpersons
    Nurses Guild Ministry Carolyn Quarrels, Director


    • Domestic and Foreign Missions
      1st Lady Min. Susan C. Williams, General Overseer

      This ministry encompasses the following programs:Women’s Intermediate Auxiliary
      Young Women’s Mission
      Food & Shelter


    • Media Ministries
      Karl Morris, General Overseer

      This ministry encompasses the following programs:Audio/Visuals
      Website Maintenance


  • Ministerial Staff
    Minister Susan C. Williams Pastor Bobby L. White
    Pastor Terrance D. Bulger Pastor Anthony Pilot
    Minister Sheila Gilbert Minister Dr. Tammy Anderson
    Minister Veryl Gilbert Pastor V. Dion Gilbert
    Minister Leshel Barker
    Minister Adell Williams
    Minister Sharice Troupe
    Pastor Daryl R. Richardson


  • Music & Fine Arts Ministries
    Minister of Music & Fine Arts Raymond Darius Jackson
    “Forsa Thanya” Drama Ministry Shelia Cox, Director
    Joyous Voices of St. John
    CHAMPIONS Chorale Pastor Daryl R. Richardson, President
    GEMS Singers Anthony Seamster, President


  • Trustees
    Sedrick Lee, Chairperson

    James Finklea Rochelle D. Cutler
    George Smith Jean Warren
    Jeannie Saffold Church Smaw
    Al McCambry Fred Cade