Worship & Enrichment Opportunities

St. John has several opportunities throughout the week that you can join us for worship and spiritual enrichment. In addition to the standing list of worship times below, please check out the events page for other activities.

Due to the unexpected devastation of Hurricane Michael to our area and church facilities October 10, 2018, our Worship Schedule has been altered.  Please adhere to the adjustments.


Jackson E. Jones Memorial Chapel

Worship – 9:00AM & 12:00Noon
(Hurricane Relief Supply Distribution follows each worship opportunity)


General Missions Ministry – 3:30 PM (Except after 1st Sundays)
Ministerial Staff Training – 6:30 PM (when announced)
“Joy Cells” Training Forum – 6:30 PM (when announced)


Deaconesses Ministry – 5:00 PM (before 1st Sundays)
Trustees Ministry – 6:30 PM (2nd Tuesdays)


WonderWord Wednesdays
Jackson E. Jones Memorial Chapel

Lunch Hour Bible Power – 12:00Noon
Mid-Week Prayer, Praise & Study – 6:00 PM


Ushers Ministry Meeting – 6:30 PM (before 1st Sundays)
Choir Rehearsals – 7:30 PM


Vision Meeting (Church Business Conference) – 6:30 PM (before 1st Sundays)
January, April, July & October


Sub-Ministry Meetings As announced
CHAMPIONS Ministry Meeting – 9:00 AM (before 4th Sundays)
Evangelistic Witnessing & Training – 2:00 PM